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the stone trumpet

May 29, 2012 – “The Stone Trumpet” – Galveston, Texas

“The Stone Trumpet” was created by David Adickes for the stage at the Louisiana World’s Fair Exposition that took place in New Orleans in 1984. It was relocated to Galveston in 1986 for the opening of a Jazz restaurant. Musicians might notice that it is actually a cornet rather than a trumpet. It is made from a mixture of steel and concrete and measures 14 feet tall by 26 feet in length. The sculpture sits in the Strand Historic District in Galveston.

dawn horse

June 2, 2012 – Houston Museum of Natural Science – Eohippus, (genus Hyracotherium)

Dawn Horse is a member of an extinct group of mammals that were the first known horses. Although four toes were present on the front feet and three on the hind feet, all feet were functionally three-toed, and each toe ended in a small hoof.

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