Tie Dye

Tie dye cheesin' 640
Exhibit 1: Pixxan cheesin’

Once upon a time many, many, many, many moons ago I worked for the U.S. federal government. When I left that job, a friend gave me the tie dyed t-shirt you see in this photo. It was in the gift shop of the agency where I worked and every time I went there, I eyed that t-shirt wistfully. I wanted it but I knew I’d never wear it. It was just too bright for me.

It sat neatly folded and packed away for almost two decades. When I finally came across it again I was struck by how bright the colors were, and it still fit!

The back of the t-shirt has a striking tie dye pattern I thought would make an excellent desktop background, so I scanned it into the computer. That was my wallpaper of choice for quite a while.

Tie Dyed T-shirt 1200
Exhibit 2: The part of the t-shirt everyone but me gets to see when I wear it.

Yes, I wear that t-shirt now and I always feel better when I do. How can one wear such a brightly colored shirt and not feel better? (The colors are actually much brighter. I promise.)

Some time later I bought an app bundle from Alien Skin software. I wanted Exposure 6 (yes, that’s how long ago it was) but I thought the deal was too good to let slip by. The other two apps were Blow Up 3 and Snap Art 4.

Snap Art 4 was a pleasant surprise. When I used it on the scan of the t-shirt, I was stunned. Of course I expected brush strokes. Duh. But I didn’t expect it would create individual brush strokes based on the color of the original image or vary the thickness of the oil paint allowing the canvas texture to show in some spots but not others.

Tie-dyed T-shirt -OilPaint ThickPaint 1200
Exhibit 3: The world’s best wallpaper as determined by a panel of judges consisting of me, myself, and I. You’re welcome.

Does anyone else look at this and think Nautilus or Fibonacci spiral?