tumblr censorship

In my previous post, I mentioned that tumblr introduced censorship in December 2018. This is one example, but a typical one, of tumblr’s faulty algorithm used to identify “adult content.”

A guy with his shirt off, leaning against a wall with his arms crossed. This is what tumblr labels as “adult content” and this is what you’ll see if you follow the post’s link…

“Hey, this post may contain adult content, so we’ve hidden it from public view.”

May” mind you, not “definitely does,” but what they’ve done is definitely hide it and that is censorship. Tumblr’s algorithm would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. The tumblr staff continues to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the opinions of the members of the community. Remember the new high-contrast color scheme that now negatively affects more people than it helps? Yeah, that’s still there, too.

“History is written by the victors.” – Winston Churchill

Tumblr staff’s blog post about the new color scheme has, as of this writing, garnered 54,406 comments/likes. When it was first published, the comments were 99% negative. Now you can only see a couple of hundred comments/likes and they’re 95% positive (there were only 11 negative comments). All of this tumblr business stinks of Yahoo!.

But that post will have to wait for another time. This is probably tl;dr as it is.

iOS > Android

Everything I’ve read explaining why Android surpasses iOS has focused primarily on two things: the number of service providers who have Android phones and the wide range of Android phones available.

Here are the two main reasons why I believe iOS will prove to be the superior choice: the number of service providers who have Android phones and the wide range of Android phones available.

Yeah, I know, but read on.

Each carrier offers several models of Android phones from various manufacturers and they’re continually updating their product line to add the newest models.  The newest and most popular models get the updates first, leaving owners of the older or unpopular phones to fend for themselves.

T-Mobile VibrantI bought the T-Mobile Vibrant (aka Samsung Galaxy S) not too long after it was introduced with much fanfare by Big Magenta, and it came with Android v2.1.  Meanwhile, Google continued to upgrade the Android operating system with enhanced capabilities and bug fixes, but I never received an OTA (“over the air”) update from T-Mobile.  Finally fed up with waiting, I checked the Samsung web site and learned they’d released Android v2.2 four months earlier, so I updated my phone manually.

Version 2.3 has been out for a while and many phones have received OTA updates to it, but neither T-Mobile nor Samsung have it available yet.  At least, not for the Galaxy S.  You see, the Galaxy S has been surpassed by the Galaxy S II, the newest flavor of the month, so it’s no longer a priority.

Getting back on point, Apple Corp. releases updates to their Apple products (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) simultaneously.  The OS for all devices is updated at the same time.

Google updates Android, the various cell phone manufacturers compile the code for the models they carry, the service providers send OTA updates based on whatever criteria they set and maybe, just maybe, the phone you have is new or popular enough to warrant being included in the update.

It’s actually worse than getting Windows updates.  Imagine there’s an update to Windows7, but only Dell computers are getting it.  Not just that, but only Dell computers bought at Best Buy.  That’s similar to what’s happening with Android updates and why iOS > Android.

Please repost!

“Will you be in the 1% that has the courage to repost this?”

“My real friends will repost this. Are you a real friend?”

“I’ll bet none of you will repost this…” 

And on it goes: feeble-minded attempts by our Facebook “friends” to guilt or goad us into reposting a status they posted or, more likely, reposted from someone else.

Seriously, why?

It doesn’t matter if the status is against painting kittens to look like tigers or leukemia in children, it doesn’t make one whit of difference. Only conspiracy theorists could believe that someone is tallying Facebook status messages to decide what worthwhile goal should receive more attention than another.

These types of status messages are the new spam. They’re replacing the hoax e-mails of yesteryear with sincere, heartstring-tugging status messages that implore you to repost them to raise people’s awareness of something or another. An action which accomplishes nothing, but it must give the original poster a kick to see how many people repost his or her status and how long it hangs around.

The World Wide Web is replete with sites reporting news, politics, health and medical advancements, commentary, opinion, et cetera, ad nauseam. If you fall into the group of people who need a Facebook status to raise your awareness about something, then you need one of these sincere, heartstring-tugging statuses posted in your honor. This is also true if you still forward e-mails forwarded to you without checking the facts.

If you’re a Facebook status spammer or e-mail forwarding spammer, this is what will help most of all: Draw a nice, hot bath…make it a bubble bath and it’ll be our secret…draw a nice, hot, bubble bath and drop your computers right into it. ‘Cause, damn, you’re stupid.