For a while…

…I went to an LGBT support group in Baltimore.
As it turned out, I went more often than the group actually met.
It wasn’t very well run and I wouldn’t know a meeting was canceled
until I read the sign on the door
or the door remained locked after the scheduled start time.

I guess they didn’t believe in phones
or courtesy.

It was after one of these rare meetings
that I first kissed a man, or, rather,
a man first kissed me.
I was caught off guard,
totally unprepared, and
did the only thing I could.
I kissed him back.

Kissing was nothing new to me.
I’d kissed girls
back when I was having straight sex,
back when I didn’t want to believe I was gay.
Turns out it wasn’t the girls.
I really do not like kissing.

If we ever meet and
you feel the urge to kiss me,
give me a hug instead
and I’ll give you one back.

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