iOS > Android

Everything I’ve read explaining why Android surpasses iOS has focused primarily on two things: the number of service providers who have Android phones and the wide range of Android phones available.

Here are the two main reasons why I believe iOS will prove to be the superior choice: the number of service providers who have Android phones and the wide range of Android phones available.

Yeah, I know, but read on.

Each carrier offers several models of Android phones from various manufacturers and they’re continually updating their product line to add the newest models.  The newest and most popular models get the updates first, leaving owners of the older or unpopular phones to fend for themselves.

T-Mobile VibrantI bought the T-Mobile Vibrant (aka Samsung Galaxy S) not too long after it was introduced with much fanfare by Big Magenta, and it came with Android v2.1.  Meanwhile, Google continued to upgrade the Android operating system with enhanced capabilities and bug fixes, but I never received an OTA (“over the air”) update from T-Mobile.  Finally fed up with waiting, I checked the Samsung web site and learned they’d released Android v2.2 four months earlier, so I updated my phone manually.

Version 2.3 has been out for a while and many phones have received OTA updates to it, but neither T-Mobile nor Samsung have it available yet.  At least, not for the Galaxy S.  You see, the Galaxy S has been surpassed by the Galaxy S II, the newest flavor of the month, so it’s no longer a priority.

Getting back on point, Apple Corp. releases updates to their Apple products (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) simultaneously.  The OS for all devices is updated at the same time.

Google updates Android, the various cell phone manufacturers compile the code for the models they carry, the service providers send OTA updates based on whatever criteria they set and maybe, just maybe, the phone you have is new or popular enough to warrant being included in the update.

It’s actually worse than getting Windows updates.  Imagine there’s an update to Windows7, but only Dell computers are getting it.  Not just that, but only Dell computers bought at Best Buy.  That’s similar to what’s happening with Android updates and why iOS > Android.

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    • I do love my Galaxy S, especially with the 3000mA battery that let’s me use it for days without having to recharge. Then there are the Android-only apps like LauncherPro and SemiSilent that I use daily.

      Having said that, the temptation of getting the new iPhone could be more than I can handle. Decisions, decisions.

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