T-Mobile Cell Phone Updates

(Or lack thereof.)

(And yes, I’ll get there eventually.)

I’m not entirely sure why, but I was glad when I received my invitation to Google’s Music Beta.  It took more than twelve hours to upload all my music, but I expected that.  This was my first time using the service.  And of course I downloaded the Music Beta application for my Android phone.  (Edit: I still have invitations to Google’s Music Beta service.  Send me your e-mail address via the “Email Me” link on my about.me page.)

Everything had been in readiness for over a week, yet I never found a reason to use the service or the app.  I mean, since I sync my iPod weekly and it goes everywhere I go, when would I ever have a need to stream over the Internet music I already have with me?

Today was that day.

When I wake up, my feet are usually on the floor before my eyes are completely open.  Even on the weekends.  This Saturday was different, though.  I stayed in bed, stretching, yawning, enjoying how soft the sheets felt, and I decided music would make it perfect.

But my iPod was so far away; like, four feet away.  My cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy S, was on the night table right next to the bed, so I decided to see how well Google Music Beta fared.

I liked that Google uploaded my playlists as it uploaded the songs, though I just picked a song at random for now.  And nothing.  A playlist this time and nothing again.  No sound through my ear buds or from my phone’s speaker.  So much for my lazy Saturday morning.

I googled this problem (from the computer in the living room) and the number one solution had to do with getting an update to the Android OS.  Sadly, the only update I’d received so far I had to get myself.  T-Mobile never seems to be in a hurry to push one “over the air.”

Sure enough, when I checked the Samsung web site, there was an update from April.  (Remember this is July.)  So why hasn’t T-Mobile pushed this update or, for that matter, ever mentioned it?

At this point I no longer care.  I’ve stopped depending on them for Android updates and will check with Samsung from now on.  I’m also still somewhat pissed that T-Mobile touted the Galaxy S as its next big thing only to (basically) abandon it once the commercials had run.  These are probably two of the reasons they’re about to be bought by AT&T.

So, I’ll cut this whine-fest short by saying I downloaded Kies Mini to my Mac which, in turn, downloaded and installed the updated Android OS onto my Galaxy.  Now Google Music Beta works perfectly.

Although the only opportunity I may have to use it has passed. ★

(Originally posted 2 July 2011)